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Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Chennai

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Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Chennai you need to know

If your searching for the “Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Chennai” you arrive at the right place we listed out the Top 10 wedding decorators list for Chennai city. This list made up of various factors like Customers Reviews, Expertise, and experience lets jump into our content now.

top 10 wedding decorators in chennai

1. Sangeetha Wedding Planners

Sangeetha Wedding planners are No#1 Wedding Decorators in India; we are a pioneer in the wedding industry with the experience of more than 10+. We won several awards for Best Wedding Decorators in Chennai. If you want to plan a dream wedding that can blow your wedding guest eyes, then book your slots now hurry! Booking is filling fast. If you wish to flat decoration or luxury decoration we have more than 300+ wedding decoration ideas so you can choose your desire one for your wedding budget.

We also offer services like wedding photography, wedding cards, wedding DJ, Wedding Catering, wedding hall. For more information, call us or reach out now.

2. Wedding Aaha

Wedding Aaha is one of the leading wedding decorators in Chennai; they have more than 5+ experience in the wedding industry; they also have services like wedding catering, wedding photography, etc.

Krithika Devraj has done this successfully with her wedding design business – Wedding Aaha – Wedding Planner and Chennai wedding stage decorators. Wedding Aaha is an association of La Bamba Events from Mylapore, Chennai (Bamba is a rhythm of life).

3. Esatto Events

Esatto Events, the world’s leading event planner in 2009, offers its customers countless solutions from design to execution.

At Esatto Events they train and handle teams that take responsibility for organizational plans, management activities such as corporate branding, conferences, promotions, launches of goods, team creation, style shows, concerts, stage exhibitions, shows, etc.

4. Bonding Decor

The sense of the word bond means literally, in particular through a frequent or constant connection, the forming of a close relationship. Bonding Decor is not the only thing they will offer. Bonding weddings deliver a different collection of furnishings to match traditional and contemporary tastes.

They have an impressive collection of exquisite mandaps and accessories for the lane, beautiful foyer and locations, modern flower decorations.

5. Red Thread Events

Since 2014, the Red Eventz Thread has soared. You won’t allow it to break a sweat after you hand it over. They also make it a point to do all perfectly. They cover weddings, birthdays and events. Services offered include wedding gifts, party celebrations, pictures and photos, photo stands, and DJ evenings.

6. Auron Wedding Decorators

“Mountain of strength” is the Hebrew meaning of “Auron.” Auron Events is an event production company that handles the event entirely so that you can relax and enjoy it as much as possible. Its wide range of services includes venue, furnishings, catering, videography, and more: other services that have recently added bridal makeup, outfit, and DJs.

7. Dream Day Designers

We would have all dream of our marriage in childhood days. Since 2015, these dreams have been realized by Dream Day designers and established in September 2015 by Dhanusiya. Suvidha does most of the projects you get from hiring them. They also make parties for commitments and birthdays. They have an excellent photographer to capture the precise moment.

There are caterers also under them, who might steal their food from your heart. On your enormous day, you can explain everything you need, sit back, relax, and meet your requirements perfectly.

8. Marriage Colours

Close your eyes, picture your dream wedding. I ‘d bet you can first think about the colours, Beautifull flowers and carpets; Colors might convey emotions that even words can’t. Speaking of colours Marriage colours excels in colour, it’s because they would like you to go through each colour experience, which makes your day perfect, almost like a coaster of colours.

Probably the most creative company in this field. You name the form of marriage that you need, and they are stylish and elegant. On the beach, on the roof and backyards, they had weddings. It’s one of the most flexible decorators for weddings.

9. Wishing Well Events

Prerna Asrani Shalini founded the company. All their customers were happy with Wishing Well. For more than eight years now Prerna, who is the heart of Wishing Well, organizes activities. She will assist you with everything from the conceptualization of the topic to food preparation, to ensure that all your guests have a great time. Services like the birthday, the magician, the DJ, Bouncy Castle, and Photo studios are also available.

10. Deepam Wedding Flower Decoration

Deepam wedding Decorators excellence in wedding decoration from artificial flower to real flower arrangements, once you choose your decoration, they execute with their expert team.

Now you know the Top 10 Wedding Decorators in Chennai. If you want any wedding service from wedding catering to wedding planning we have all the services you need for your celebration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column icons_position=”left”][trx_sc_layouts layout=”1620″][/vc_column][/vc_row]